Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll

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Steve the Dung Beetle: On a Roll

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Steve the dung beetle is on a mission, to roll that ball of poo home!

Everyone wants to know what Steve is up to! The elephant, giraffe, warthog and friends all ask the same thing, "Hey Steve! Why are you rolling that ball of poo?" 

Along his trip home, Steve teaches the other animals about his job, and how it helps THEM and the environment. 

While Steve can't fix everything he works really hard to manage what he can. His small steps help make the biggest difference to all the animals on the savannah. In the back of the book zookeepers write about dung beetles and some of Steve's other animal friends so learning can continue at a level the entire family will enjoy. Steve is a fun and engaging story with captivating artwork, promotes active involvement on each page, and instills critical thinking and an appreciation for nature and wildlife.

Bonus: the dung beetle jokes at the end of the book really stink! What do dung beetles eat for breakfast? Answer below.
This books is filled with facts much like 
The Fascinating Bug Book For Kids by author Krystal Monique Toney,  and  The Ultimate Bug-Opedia from National Geographic. However, the humor and in this book about poo will make every child and most adults laugh! 
Answer: Poop Tarts

4 - 8 years